Thursday 22 December 2016

Met Officer Jailed Over Sexual Relationship With Rape Victim

Charlotte Peters

A metropolitan police officer who had sex in a McDonald's toilet with a rape victim she was assigned to help has been jailed for 22 months.

Charlotte Peters, 33, from Luton, was based in the Met's sexual offences unit and was the victim's point of contact with the force.

Peters, who was called "predatory" by the Southwark Crown Court judge, first kissed the victim at a refuge.

She admitted misconduct in public office.

The court heard Peters was trained to recognise the victim's vulnerability and was in a "position of trust" according to prosecutor Kate Bex.

Peters first kissed the women at the refuge where the victim was staying on 24 February.

The pair then had consensual sexual intercourse four times in under a month including once in the "lavatories at McDonald's" and at least once while Peters was on duty.

The victim described having been "in love" with Peters and "encouraged" a sexual relationship.

The court heard the victim realised Peters was never going to leave her girlfriend and "was tired of being her dirty little secret".

The relationship was revealed when the victim told a member of staff at the refuge that she had broken up with Peters.

Peters then demanded the woman delete texts they had exchanged and threatened to kill herself when the relationship was revealed.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC said while the relationship was consensual Peters' actions were "predatory".

He added her actions will bring her career to an end.

Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Martin said Peters "clearly abused her position by starting a relationship with the person she was there to support, when that person was at their most vulnerable".



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