Tuesday 27 December 2016

Paul Pogba Is The World’s Best Midfielder Here Is How

Paul Pogba

The France international has started to really find his feet at Old Trafford and put in a masterful performance against Sunderland in a 3-1 win.

Mourinho has been impressed with the 23-year-old’s progress in England and thinks it’s the perception that he needs to score more goals that’s holding him back.

And while he’s sure Pogba will improve, he’s already convinced Pogba is the world’s best midfielder.

If the perception change, Paul can win it [the Ballon d’Or] because Paul is not a goal-scorer, Paul is a midfielder,’ he told SFR.

‘That will score more and more goals. Because I think he has conditions to score goals. But Paul is a midfield player. In my opinion, the best. The best midfield player in the world.

‘Obviously young. Needs to improve. Wants to improve, which is even better. Has an agent who in my opinion is great for the player because he is not a typical agent who puts the player in the moon. He demands a lot from the player.

‘He wants the player to be better and better all the time. So I think he has everything around him to be a great player.

‘The Premier League is very difficult. You play three or four years in Italy, you arrive in the Premier League and the world is completely different. And he is doing well, he is doing more than well. His evolution is clear. So I can imagine next season for Paul will be top.’



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