Thursday 1 December 2016

Places You Can't Find On Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps can be seen everywhere around the world. Anyone can visit at home from different edges of the earth. However, there are places in the world, which you can not see or even find on Google Maps. But there are seven places, which are not listed or you can't find on the map.

Volkel Air Base, Netherlands

If you look for Volkel Air Base on Google Maps it is not available. According to data leaked by Wikileaks suggests that the United States has hidden two nuclear bombs during Cold War.

Helipuerto de Cartagena, Los Dolores, Spain

If you search for Los Dolores, Spain. Google Maps can not find the name of the place you wanted. Google's Street View will look for it is not available in the US.

Roses, Spain

You can't find this location. But it is beleieved that 875th modern US aircraft are bing controlled and sending signals from there.

National Security Bureau, Taiwan

This place is also invisible on Google Map. The place is located in Taiwan, China have several intelligence agencies offices.

NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany

NATO has an Air Base in Geilenkirchen, Germany. This place is visible on Bing Maps however on Google Maps renders it as a pixelate.

US/ Mexico Border : Hudspeth County, Texas, USA

US shares a border with Mexico in Hudspeth County. But Google Maps has distorted an area which is located 15 km away from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


You can not see the entire map of Israel even if you have a desire to do so. Even from Google Maps you will see some buidings but infact they are not.



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