Friday 16 December 2016

Post Office Strikes To Go Ahead After Negotiation Failed

Post Office

Post Office workers will go ahead with five days of strikes next week after talks over jobs, pay and pensions broke down on Thursday.

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) said the Post Office had rejected its offer to suspend strike action in exchange for suspension of the closure of main post offices and for “meaningful negotiations” on pensions and jobs.

Terry Pullinger, deputy general secretary of CWU, which acts for about 4,000 postal workers, said: “Our members and this union have tried everything possible to resolve the dispute. The latest response from the Post Office is bitterly disappointing and an indication that the employer is determined on forcing through their plans irrespective of the concerns of the customers, staff and the union.

“The response we have received from the public has been one of massive support for our efforts to protect this highly cherished service and we are determined to not allow it to slip from our high streets via death from a thousand cuts.”

The Post Office has said next week’s strike will have minimal impact on Christmas mail and that less than 100 branches are likely to close, but that claim is disputed by the postal workers’ unions.

The government-backed post office operator has said less than 3% of its outlets will be affected by the action, expected to start from 19 December. The CWU says more than a fifth of parcels were handled by the 300 crown post offices where its members work.

Kevin Gilliland, group network and sales director for the Post Office, said: “We are disappointed that, whilst we’ve been holding discussions with the union throughout this week and have made it clear we remain open to further, formal talks at the most senior level, they are continuing to cause concern to customers during the festive season.

“It will be business as usual in almost all of our network, with over 50,000 Post Office people on hand to support customers as they make their preparations for Christmas.”



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