Thursday 29 December 2016

Refugee Children From Jungle Camp Launches Legal Challenge Over Asylum Decisions


Dozens of children who lived in the Calais Jungle refugee camp have launched a legal challenge against the home secretary, according to reports.

Thirty-six child asylum seekers accuse Amber Rudd of mishandling their asylum claims, The Guardian reported.

Of that number 28 have had their asylum applications turned down while eight are reportedly still waiting to here the outcome of their applications.

All 36 have been dispersed to 15 reception centres around France following the dismantling of the Jungle camp at the end of October.

Lawyers for the children say they want written reasons for the government's decision and accuse the government of failing to use its discretion in response to extreme cases.

Toufique Hossain, director of public law at Duncan Lewis Solicitors, told The Guardian: "The government has rendered these children, including some as young as 13, to effectively be without any legal remedy until well into the New Year, which is the earliest that the relevant home office officials have agreed to give reasons for refusing some of these children."

The government moved to take in more children from the Jungle camp after it was threatened with a major political rebellion led by Lord Dubs.

The so-called Dubs amendment to the Immigration Bill allows for unaccompanied child migrants to be brought to the UK even if they do not have family links if they are considered to be at risk.

The home office has not commented on the cases.



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