Saturday 24 December 2016

Something Is Definitely Killing Your Sex-Drive


Basically your commute is killing your sex drive because it's hard to feel sexy when the tube puts you to sleep.

Picture this: you’ve met someone on Tinder or through a friend (gasp, in real life), the banter hasn’t been terrible and you eventually find a mutually agreeable time and place to meet up.

You decide to meet halfway between your respective boroughs, yet it still takes at least an hour to get to.

You get along well and then he asks you to go back to his. At first you want to. You’re attracted to him, you get along great, you think about how cold it is back home in your room but then you realise he lives north while you live south.

Even if you did decide to go to his, it would take an hour to get there and then at least two hours to get back to yours. Too much hassle.

So you call it a night, opt for a classy kiss instead and say your goodbyes. You return home without sex or satisfaction.

Even if you do decide to make the trek, the heat of the moment needs to turn into the heat of the hour for the commute back and the rocking of the tube is enough to send anyone off to sleep.

“I have got on tubes before and just changed my mind half way through,” Abby* told “Because in that time I’ve sobered up and just got bored.”

The 27-year-old added: “If you try and pick someone up you might be enjoying club kissing etc and you want to go home, but the moment you realise you live one and a half hours away, it just all dries up.”

It's not just singletons who are suffering. Couples are also feeling the dampening effects of the long commute.

No matter how hot you are for each other after going out for dinner, drinks or even to the movies, the passion is certain to have died down after a long tube commute or the uber home.

"Sex drive is very of the moment," Abby said. "I can be out with my boyfriend and really want to go home to bone and by the time we actually get home – after falling asleep on the tube or Uber – the feeling has gone. No one can stay on heat for that long."

Having work the next morning makes getting lucky all the more difficult, with "I have work in the morning" being a stock-standard excuse used by many Londoners.

"I’ve turned things down because I knew it’d take over an hour to get into work the next day and I wouldn’t be able to make it home beforehand," Em*, 23, told

"It just feels like too much effort and worrying about the panic of figuring out their shower system and somehow changing an outfit kind of kills off any sexy stuff anyway."

So how do we combat this? How do we keep our sex lives, well, sexy?

We only have a couple of options really. Firstly, we toughen up and push through it. Soldier on and put our sex lives above all else. (You can try these six things she secretly wants to do in bed).

Rather, we keep dating to within only our neighbouring boroughs, thus making the pool of potential even smaller.

Or we move somewhere where an hour commute isn't the norm. Happy sex, friends.



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