Sunday 11 December 2016

Spiced Roast Potatoes With Coriander, Cumin And Black Pepper

Spiced Roast Potatoes With Coriander, Cumin And Black Pepper

Roast potatoes really do complete a Christmas dinner, and although perfectly roasted potatoes with just a little salt can’t be beaten

Here are the complete recipe for spiced roast potatoes with coriander, cumin and black pepper


- 3 large Maris piper potatoes, peeled and cut into 2.5cm chunks

-1 tbsp black peppercorns

-1 tbsp coriander seeds

-2 tsp cumin seeds

-1 tsp ajwain seeds

-1 tsp chilli flakes

-1 tbsp soft brown sugar, or crumbled jaggery

-1 pinch pink Himalayan salt

-1 tbsp tamarind paste

-3 tbsp vegetable oil

-1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander, to serve


-Add the potato chunks to a pan of salted water and bring to the boil over a moderate heat. Parboil for 6-8 minutes, or until the potatoes are just tender. Preheat the oven to 160°C/gas mark 3. Meanwhile, place the peppercorns, coriander and cumin seeds in a dry frying pan and lightly toast over a moderate heat until fragrant, being careful not to let them burn. Transfer to a bowl to cool slightly.

-Once the potatoes are parboiled, drain in a colander and transfer to a deep baking tray. Shake the pan to roughen up the surface and edges of the potatoes. Combine the ajwain seeds, chilli flakes, pink salt and sugar with the toasted spices, then sprinkle over the potatoes. Add the tamarind paste and vegetable oil, mixing with the potatoes and spices so that everything is evenly coated.

-Transfer to the oven and cook for 20 minutes, tossing everything around halfway through the cooking time, until the potatoes are crispy yet soft inside, with slightly caramelised edges. Sprinkle with the freshly chopped coriander and serve immediately.



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