Tuesday 13 December 2016

Temporary Tattoo Gives People Wrinkles


Want freckles but not the sun damage that comes with them? Well you’re in luck because you can now buy some faux speckles all of your own.

Once something that many women tried to cover up, nowadays freckles are a sign of youthfulness and individuality, with models and celebrities like Binx Walton, Adwoa Aboah and Emma Watson long championing freckle-faced women.

So much so, that they’ve become one of the biggest beauty trends of the year but forget battling with a super thin precision pencil.

LA based company Faux Freckles have designed adhesive sheets which are applied just like a temporary tattoo and sheet your complexion with a smattering of faux beauty spots.

Available in a range of colours, from light to dark brown and even a shimmering 24k gold set the packs are sold for £19.73 each.

Until now, beauty buffs seeking the freckles they’ve always dreamed of have had to resort to pencils which could potentially smear throughout the day - a problem Faux Freckles’ founders were keen to combat.

“We were in a full-blown discussion about why anyone would risk having a brow pencil dotted on their face all day without smudging and how we can fix this problem,” co-creator Brittany wrote on the brand’s website.

“Two cupcakes, a domain name and a brainstorm sesh later, Faux Freckles was born.”

Each palette includes two nose stencils and four cheekbone stencils that are easily applied with the help of a little warm water, lasting anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.

They’ve quickly become a firm favourite among beauty gurus looking to boost their freckle-less faces with the brand’s Instagram awash with striking examples.

It’s a trend that will leave you fooling everyone into thinking you have gorgeous, sun kissed skin and that you’re not wearing much makeup.



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