Friday, 16 December 2016

The World's Best Hotel Suite Costs £17k A Night


Italy's shopping capital Milan is known for it's opulence. From the delicious food to exquisite shops, the city is bursting with culture.

If you have a few (and by a few we mean many) pounds to spare, why not treat yourself with a stay at the Katara Suite in Milan's Excelsior Hotel Gallia.

The suite covers 10,764 square feet (1,000 square metres) and has just been named the best hotel suite in the world for the second year running.


The catch? It will set you back a cool £17,000 per night. Ouch.

So what is included in a £17,000-a-night hotel suite? It includes it's own elevator, conference room and four bedrooms.

The suite is said to be for "high level diplomats" and comes with bulletproof windows.

The chandeliers (yes, plural) are made with specialist Murano glass from Venice.


It also comes with a butler who is available 24 hours a day and can be delivered to the dining room – which has space for 10 people.

The largest suite in Italy pays homage to it's country's heritage with Roman-esque gold pillars in the sprawling reception room.

And just because you'd expect £17,000 to buy a lot more perks, the suite comes with a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and whirlpool bath... you know, if you can't make up your mind.


Although this suite is eye-wateringly expensive, you can stay in others in the hotel from around £220 per night.

If you're willing to spend what could be a deposit on a house on one night's stay, then be Excelsior Hotel Gallia's guest



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