Wednesday 21 December 2016

This Rarest 2p Coin Could Worth Thousands


A batch of 2p coins with a rare printing error could fetch thousands in the future it has been suggested after one sold for £100 on eBay.

The coins, that were produced in 1983, have ‘new pence’ printed instead of two pence leading them to be known as ‘1983 New Pence 2p coin’.

All coins minted before 1982 say ‘new pence’ while those printed after should say ‘two pence’.

Philip Mussell, director of Coin News, told the Mirror: ‘One is when a mistake is made by the Royal Mint, like a 20p without a date, for example, or a 1983 2p coin accidentally printed with the old wording “New Pence”. Mistakes are eminently collectable.’

The coin is one of a number that have the potential to exchange hands for a sizeable amount of money.

Research from Go Compare shows other collectibles including Royal Arms £1 which are selling for £5.99 and Edinburgh coins which could fetch between £3 and £5.

Other production errors include dateless 20p coins that were released by error in 2008 and are selling for £100.



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