Thursday 22 December 2016

UK Car Production Soars At Highest Level Beyond Last 17 Year


Car production has reached its highest level since 1999, with over 1.6 million models rolling off the production line so far this year, new figures show.

Almost 170,000 vehicles were built in UK factories last month, an increase of 12.8pc on November last year and the best total for 17 years.

Production for UK sales increased by 14pc in November to 33,745, while exports continued to boom - up by 12.5pc.

A record 1.2 million cars have been shipped to overseas markets this year, said the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Chief executive Mike Hawes said: "Made in Britain is a badge coveted by car buyers worldwide, and these latest figures highlight not just that international appeal but the fact that the UK is a globally competitive place to make cars.

"These latest results are the product of significant investments made over the past few years, but which will continue only if we can maintain the competitive trading conditions that have enabled the UK to become an automotive success story."



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