Friday 23 December 2016

Using Of Touch-And-Go Technology Is Increasing As More Brits Switch To Contactless


Spending via hi-tech contactless payments has rocketed 164% in a year.

And there are now 100 million-plus touch-and-go cards in use in Britain, says the UK Cards Association.

Half of Brits use them at least once a month, Barclaycard research reveals.

Service stations are tops for such payments with usage up on average by 285%.

Tami Hargreaves, from Barclaycard, said: “Brits are turning to these payments for all types of purchases.”

“From a supermarket top-up shop to stocking up on everyday essentials in discount stores and pharmacies.”

Manchester witnessed a 325% rise in contactless use.

And discounters like Aldi and Lidl saw a 234% increase in the money spent in stores with shoppers popping in to buy staples and tapping out at terminals.

Pubs, bars and fast food restaurants also did a roaring trade with contactless card users spending almost 80% more in boozers and 70% more at takeaways.

Sainsbury’s has become the latest chain to roll out contactless payment terminals which will boost supermarket spending on the cards even further.

According to Barclaycard figures, the amount splurged at supermarket checkouts has leapt 156%.

Ms Hargreaves said: “In 2016, the increasing popularity of mobile payments and wearables has also contributed to the surge in contactless.

"And as more retailers continue to accept touch-and-go as a way to pay we expect this upward trend to continue well into next year.”



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