Tuesday, 20 December 2016

You Could Be Deported From China For This Particular Reason


British citizens need to apply for a visa to enter China.

But with a vast number of visas available - you need to ensure you have the correct visa and documents to be allowed entry into the country.

If you are heading to China to visit family, depending on the length of stay you will need either a Family Visit Visa (up to 180 days) or a Family Reunion Visa (more than 180 days).

If you are heading there for leisure, you need a tourist visa - also known as an L-visa.

A standard visa for single-entry into China, which would be valid for three months, will cost £85. This is the same price if you opt for double or multiple-entry visas, which are valid for a longer period of time.

You could be denied entry in China if you suffer from a mental illness, according Beijing Trip.

This includes those who suffer from depression, anxiety and schizophrenia disorders.

It is unclear if illnesses such as Asperger syndrome and Autism are included under this mental illness banner and individuals will have contact the Chinese Embassy or a centre to check.

You could also be denied entry into China if you suffer from Aids, venereal disease such as gonorrhoea and open tuberculosis.

Do not lie on your visa application form about having a illness as you could face a lifetime ban from entering China.

British passport holders do not need to apply for a visa if they are visiting Hong Kong or Macao.

This includes if you are heading to the city for business purposes.


If you plan to visit mainland China afterwards or head into China again, you will need to obtain the correct visa, with the right number of entries to do so.

You will also need to apply for a visa prior to arrival if you intend to visit Hainan Island.

If you transiting through China and are a British citizen, you can enter China visa-free under a 72-hour visa waiver.

This applies if you are travelling through the following airports: Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai (Pudong and Hongqiao), Chendu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Dalin, Shenyang or Kunming.

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) you mist have proof that you will be travelling on to a third country.

During the time, you must also remain in the city municipality (or within Guangdong province in the case of Guangzhou).

The FCO wrote on its websites: “In all other circumstances, if your stopover requires you to leave the airport terminal you will need a transit visa for both the outward and return journeys. If you’re staying within the airport for up to 24 hours, you don’t need a transit visa.”

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