Sunday 15 January 2017

6 Ways Happiness Makes You Healthy


We have heard it a million times that happiness is the key to a good health. But how many of us actually follow it? Considering that a huge multitude of people are falling ill due to stress and depression, one really wonders; is it really such a difficult thing to be happy? No one can really teach you how to be happy. However, we can certainly tell you that happiness affects your health and that to so positively.

So far, most of the human race has been unable to decipher the secret of how to be happy. May be knowing the health benefits of happiness can inspire you to be happy.

1. Laughter lowers stress hormone levels: You may have seen people forming groups and laughing out loud in the parks. If you know that laughter actually reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, then you would be much more keen to attend these laughter clubs.

2. Happiness cures headaches: Did you know that most of the headaches that we get on a regular basis is due to stress? This means that if you can manage to keep yourself happy, you can banish a lot of headaches.

3. Happy people don't have cramps: Most of us, underestimate stress to a great extent. Stress can actually make your muscles cramp. This leads to chronic pains in the lower back, behind the neck, etc. Thus the real impact of happiness on your health is immense.

4. Happy people have better heart health: The good health of your heart to a great extent depends on your happiness. It is not that happy people won't get heart attacks. But the chances are greatly reduced. Poor emotional health puts extra pressure on your heart.

5. Happiness delays fatigue: Fatigue is nothing but a condition in which your muscles stop functioning due to tiredness. Most often stress tires you much quicker than you ideally should. You may find it hard to believe but a positive attitude can give you much more energy than you actually have right now.

6. Happy people live longer: There is an old saying that 'unhappiness eats you up'. Modern medical science has proven it with research and studies. Happy people in general live longer and healthier than unhealthy people. Depression and stress takes a physical toll on your body. This is the most far reaching effect of happiness on your health.

As you can see, happiness is more than a spiritual concept. It is a concrete emotion that can make you a healthier person. So have tried the happiness therapy yet?



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