Tuesday, 31 January 2017

AXA Pledges To Pay Out Its Customers THose Who Has Been Affected By Travel Ban

Donald Trump

The insurer said policies would not ordinarily pay out under such circumstances but has decided to extend cover amid the "unprecedented" circumstances.

Anyone who is denied entry into the US will now be able to claim for a payout under AXA policies.

The new president has caused outcry with his executive order, which has suspended travel from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen on the basis of security concerns.

According to the foreign office anyone travelling to the US from Britain will not be affected by the executive order - regardless of nationality or place of birth.

However, official advice is also conflicting with the US embassy in the UK website creating confusion for Britons.

A spokesperson for AXA said: “In light of the sudden and unexpected decision by the Trump administration to block entry to the US for nationals from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen, AXA Insurance UK confirms that individuals who have been denied entry as a result of the executive order, will be able to claim on their policy.

"Although not technically covered, we view the current situation as unprecedented and unforeseen and as such we are extending the cover under our policies.

"For those intending to travel to, or return from, the United States of America we recommend allowing extra time due to protests currently taking place at a number of airports.”

Insurers typically only cover for events that customers didn’t know about before buying a policy, so travellers have more protection if they buy cover as soon as they book a holiday or travel.

It's not clear if other insurers will also extend cover for customers hit by the ban.

A spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers said: “UK travellers disrupted by the changes to rules on entry to the US should first speak to their airline or tour operator to help them out with replacement flights or changes to their destination.

"Where people run up additional costs because of delays, for example for accommodation, they may be able to get some money back via their travel insurance, depending on the terms of their policy.”



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