Wednesday, 25 January 2017

British Civil Servants Exposed As Users Of Sick Porn Website


British civil servants were among thousands of people who subscribed to a sick voyeur website that publishes “upskirt” pictures of unsuspecting women.

Almost 178,000 emails and location details of those in the underground porn community The Candid Board have been exposed in a massive data breach.

They include 19 government email addresses and 68 military accounts of officials including those in the UK.

Welsh civil servants with their email address ending in have also been exposed, the International Business Times has reported.

The Candid Board shares pictures of women in their bikinis on the beach, accidentally suffering a “wardrobe malfunction” and in bars in revealing angles.

None appear to know that the pictures are being taken.

In Britain, it is illegal to shoot films up women’s skirts and anyone caught doing this can be charged with outraging public decency.

In a consultation paper published in 2015, the Law Society wrote: “Outraging public decency is a serious offence, which carries an unlimited sentence.”

Feminists have called for upskirt photography to be made a specific crime and punished more severely. Several British men walked free with only a fine after being caught taking the perverted photographs.

The breach is not as large as the infamous Ashley Madison hack back in 2015.

But it could have implications for those who have signed up under their professional email addresses.

At least two deaths were linked to the Ashley Madison leak, after police in Canada reported the victims had taken their own lives.

Security expert and owner of Troy Hunt told The Sun Online: “Concerned people can check their email address at which allows them to receive an email to their address with information on their exposure. You can’t search for someone else’s email address as this breach has been flagged as “sensitive” due to the nature of the site.”

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