Monday 16 January 2017

British Tourists Injured In A New Zealand Bus Crash

New Zealand

Fifteen people have been hurt, four seriously, in a bus crash in New Zealand.

The vehicle, which was carrying mainly British and American tourists in their 60s, crashed in a national park in the middle of North Island.

The bus slid 10 metres down a bank and ended up partially submerged in a stream in the Tongariro Forest Park.

Emergency workers had to free one woman who was trapped in the wreckage.

Two rescue helicopters were brought in to carry the most seriously injured to hospital in Palmerston North.

Most of the passengers suffered minor injuries are were taken to Taupo hospital by road.

The bus involved was operated by tour company Moa Trek.

In a statement company director Miles Clark said: "We are very sorry that this has occurred on one of our tours and we are working hard to ensure we do whatever we can to support our team member (driver) and our passengers.

"The immediate priority is the health and welfare of those injured and needing the most attention."

Police say it was raining and there were thick clouds at the time of the crash but they are still investigating the cause.

Senior constable Mark Shivers said: "Part of every investigation includes the driver, the vehicle and the roads and roadsides, and the weather, and everything will be taken into consideration."



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