Monday 9 January 2017

Clapham Junction Evacuated Due To Overcrowding

Clapham Junction

Hundreds of commuters were cleared out of the south London station at around 9am as Tube strike mayhem grips the city.

Disgruntled commuters told of "gridlock" and "serve overcrowding" on social media as footage showed passengers spilling out on to the streets.

The platforms were said to be empty and trains were not stopping at the key southern Tube stop, which has now reopened.

Rail bosses were advising passengers to take replacement buses to Calpham Junction instead.

One traveller wrote on Twitter: "No one seems to be going anywhere at #ClaphamJunction right now."

Charlie Engel wrote: "When you run a needless 1 way system. Empty platforms & dangerously overcrowded walk ways. #farce #ClaphamJunction"

Elizabeth blackman wrote: "Clapham Junction ghost town, never seen anything like it or heard of an evacuation due to overcrowding. Never underestimate the power of TfL."

Sarah Corrigan wrote: "The subway at #ClaphamJunction looked like a scene from The Walking Dead this morning. So gridlocked it took 10 minutes to change platforms."

Transport for London workers began striking for 24 hours yesterday from 6pm.

The walkout will continue until Monday evening with tube bosses warning commuters most underground stations in Zone 1 central London will be closed.

Commuters can expect severely reduced services all-day across other parts of the network on Monday and are advised to use alternative transport.

Transport for London said limited services will run on eight out of 11 Tube lines.

Despite the "unecessary strike", up to 60% of stations across the network are expected to be open.

TfL staff have walked out in a long running dispute over jobs and ticket office closures.

Despite pleas from Mayor Sadiq Khan to call off the strike, union members rejected a last minute offer.

Mr Khan said: "This strike is going to be a huge inconvenience to commuters, tourists and TfL staff, and it is pointless.



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