Monday 2 January 2017

Easter Eggs On Sale Four Months Before The Festival


Stores are filling gaps left by advent calendars and other festive treats by stocking chocolate eggs over four MONTHS before Easter.

Tubs of Quality Street, Celebrations and boxes of Roses have made way for Mini Eggs, Lindor and other brands of chocolate eggs in shops across the country.

Shocked social media users labelled it as “utterly ridiculous” some supermarkets’ rush to get the Easter 2017 countdown underway.

Many of the eggs already on sale will go out of date before Easter, which falls on 16 April.

Shopper Tracy Sword said: “Utterly ridiculous just had Christmas and Easter eggs in the shops yesterday!!!!! No wonder the years passing so quickly [sic]”.

Another Twitter user shopping in his local Co-Op on boxing day said: “FFS! It’s only BOXING DAY and my local @coopuk *already* has their Easter Eggs out, next to the Christmas chocs #toosoon”.

Co-op seems to be the leading culprit, with customers reporting seeing eggs on sale at the chain’s stores across the country.

One shopper in Rhyl told the Daily Post: “Christmas Day was only three days ago, I couldn’t believe it when I saw Easter eggs out already, it’s commercialism gone mad.”

A Co-op spokesperson told the paper: “Sales figures show that many customers want to buy Easter eggs early.

“We believe it’s right to offer our shoppers the choice and a limited range will go into some stores after Christmas.

“As always we will continue to listen to our customers and members.”



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