Friday 6 January 2017

Facebook Is Becoming More Addictive Than Smoking


We all visit Facebook on a daily basis. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat too most likely.

This year, however, social media has joined the likes of alcohol, sweets and junk food atop the list of things things people want to quit as part of their New Years resolutions.

According to a new study, more people actually want to quit social media than smoking.

The research, carried out by online local services marketplace, questioned 1,500 people on their New Years resolution plans.

It found that while just 8 per cent wanted to quit smoking in 2017, one in ten planned to give up social media.

The findings follow recent reports suggesting excessive social media usage could be bad for our health, increasing levels of depression.

"The latest research has shown that excessive social media use can also be bad for your health," said Bidvine CEO, Sohrab Jahanbani.

"It's interesting that people are starting to notice the negative impact social media can have on their lives and are planning on kicking this modern habit in 2017."

Recent studies have shown that social media can increase depression levels, leaving users with "unrealistic social comparisons."

As most people only share their most positive, happy experiences and images on social media, services such as Facebook and Instagram are distorting reality for those prone to low moods.

It's been suggested that this can exaggerate levels of depression as users compare their own lives with what they are seeing of others.

According to a recent study by the University of Copenhagen: "Regular use of social networking such as Facebook can negatively affect your emotional wellbeing and satisfaction with life."



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