Sunday 15 January 2017

Flight Attendants Reveal Why You Should Never Take Your Shoes Off On A Plane


Airline staff have taken to Reddit to spill the beans on some shocking secrets that you might want to look out for on your next flight.

Many of us may have made the mistake of being too trusting when it comes to damp patches in aeroplanes, assuming it is water or something else innocent… but apparently not.

Reddior ayyitsjameslmao kicked off the discussion with this question: “Flight attendants of Reddit: What do the passengers *not* know?”

There have been threads in the past with similar questions, which have had back interesting results such as keep an eye on the toilet door and not to bother with locks on your bags – however this particular thread was particularly disgusting.

One user replied: “I’m not a flight attendant but I work the ramp. To elaborate on the body parts we send full bodies on planes a lot.

“Some in caskets, some not.

“Twice in the seven years I’ve been doing this, fluid has leaked out of the boxes the bodies are in and got all over the luggage.”

Understandably, the other Redditors were horrified by this – but it isn’t just corpse fluids you need to worry about if you’re flying on a plane – never take your shoes off.

Seeyou_never said: “I’m a flight attendant… So many incidents occur on the plane that every day passengers don’t see or consider.

“My last flight an elderly man accidentally s*** on the floor, stepped in it, and walked on it like it was nothing.

“DO NOT WALK AROUND BAREFOOT. Pee and Poop happens, all over.”

It wasn’t just flight attendants who were able to offer shocking stories, customers also shared horrific events that happened to them too.

CreepyQ revealed: “On a flight a few months ago, I sat down and my seat belt felt wet.

“I smelled my hands… and vomit.

“I asked the flight attendant is someone had thrown up in the seat before me, and she said ‘I’m sorry, I watched them clean it up three times.

“Disgusted, I asked for a different seat – nope, full flight. So, went to unbuckle my seat… and little pieces of vomit fell out from the buckle onto my lap.”

Your pets don’t get away Scot-free either on a flight – there’s a good chance they are stored away in equally grim conditions. Oh_sneezeus said: “There are sometimes body parts in the storage area near your luggage (when they are flying transplants for hospitals).

“Also your pets are in the same area as well.”



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