Saturday 7 January 2017

Flights From London To Poland Slashed To Just £4.99

London to Poland

If you're constantly searching for the best way to get cheap flights, listen up! Ryanair's latest flash sale is a dream come true for the bargain-hunting wanderer.

The budget airline's January sale has seen flights on hundreds of European destinations reduced to as little as £4.99.

You can scoop up a one-way flight from London to Poland or Romania for less than £5.

A trip to the German city of Hamburg is currently just £7.99 and a plane ticket to Barcelona is £9.99.

In fact, Ryanair have launched around 100,000 seats for £9.99 or less.

The cheapest flight offers tend to be near the beginning of the year, but the airline has deals all year round.

However, there is one catch – all deals are one way. This means the price of a return flight varies significantly.

The flights are still super cheap though – you can fly to the famous Spanish city on January 10 and back on January 14 for just £18.59.

The flash sale will continue until midnight on Sunday January 8.

If you want to head further afield try our tips for getting the cheapest flights in 2017:

1. Use flight comparison sites

Although it's tempting to go straight to budget airline websites you can sometimes get an even better deal on comparison sites such as SkyScanner or Opodo.

If you are slightly more flexible with times you can probably get a cheaper flight on a better airline.

2. Use an incognito Google window

When browsing for flights online, make sure you use an incognito window – this means companies can't track what you have been searching.

If you go to Google and click the drop down menu on the right you can click "new incognito".

Hotel and travel sites have certain cookies on their sites which allows them to track how many times you’ve looked at a certain site and bump up the price if they think you’re interested.

3. Book really late

According to CheapAir, the best time to book your plane ticket is exactly 54 days before departure.

However, booking at the absolute last minute can also help you nag a bargain. It's a ballsy move and works best outside of the school summer holidays, because airlines will try to fill the plane to capacity and flog tickets on the cheap.



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