Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fly From London To New York In Just 20 Minutes


The plane, called the “Antipode” plane, would be the fastest plane ever to exist.

It has been designed by Canadian Charles Bombardier - who is determined it could transport you from the Big Smoke to the Big Apple in under half of your lunch hour.

The plane would travel at 16,000 miles per hour, 24 times faster than the speed of sound - an unimaginable speed.

It would achieve this with the help of rocket boosters that would cause the plane to accelerate before falling off.

After this, the rocket boosters would be returned and could be reused.

It would be able to take off and land at any normal runway.

The Antipode plane would understandably be incredibly loud - with the potential to destroy a passenger’s ear drums.

However, the inventor is attempting to create science to combat this.

Bombardier is working on “long penetration mode”, or LPM, which would shoot out air from the front of the plant at supersonic speed, which would help to quiet the noise of the plane as it flies.

This supersonic speed air would also help to keep the plane cool.

The tiny plane would only seat 10 - and so would predictably be very expensive.

So while you probably wouldn’t be able to save enough to book an exclusive seat on this place, you can save hundreds on your holiday currency using this trick.


One of the best ways to ensure you work your money as hard as possible is to opt for a pre-loaded currency card.

For example, the RevolutCard allows travellers to spend in shops or online without charging.

When using it to pay for things abroad, or to get money out of a cash point, it automatically converts the payment into local currency at the best available rate.

What makes it a great money saver is that it gives perfect interbank rates for most currencies, including euros and dollars – these are the rates banks give each other, which are far more favourable than you’ll find at a bureau de change.



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