Monday 9 January 2017

Happy Birthday: Apple iPhone is 10 TODAY

Apple iPhone

Apple unveiled its first ever iPhone on January 9th 2007 and this revolutionary device has since gone on to become one of world's biggest tech success stories.

Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, held up the US tech giant's first smartphone at the Macworld convention 10 years ago today and over one billion iPhones have now been sold.

Since the original device went on sale Apple has continued to innovate its smartphone adding better cameras, faster processors, fingerprint scanners and waterproof design to its iPhone.

In fact, the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature an A10 Fusion chip with processing performance 120 times faster and the graphics performance 240 times faster than the original iPhone.

This new device also includes a dual lens camera, stereo speakers and the brightest, most colorful Retina HD display ever in an iPhone

And now it seems fans could be about to see even bigger and better features in the next generation iPhone.

Speaking about the company's most successful product of all time Apple boss, Tim Cook, said: “iPhone is an essential part of our customers' lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live,

“iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.”

Apple iPhone

And Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing added: "It is amazing that from the very first iPhone through to today's newest iPhone 7 Plus, it has remained the gold standard by which all other smartphones are judged.

"For many of us, iPhone has become the most essential device in our lives and we love it,

"iPhone is how we make voice and FaceTime calls, how we shoot and share Live Photos and 4K videos, how we listen to streaming music, how we use social media, how we play games, how we get directions and find new places, how we pay for things, how we surf the web, do email, manage our contacts and calendars, how we listen to podcasts, watch TV, movies and sports, and how we manage our fitness and health.

"iPhone has become all of these things and more. And I believe we are just getting started.”

So what's next for Apple's iconic iPhone?

There's plenty of rumours that suggest Apple will pull out all the stops for its 10th anniversary device.

Fans could see an iPhone 8 being unveiled in September which could feature and edge-to-edge curved OLED display.

Apple is also expected to drop the iconic Home Button, hiding the fingerprint sensor technology underneath the glass display instead.

The Cupertino company is also expected to include wireless charging in the new flagship phone.

But unlike rival devices from the likes of Google, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei, which predominantly use the Qi open interface standard for inductive charging – Apple's technology sounds like a more complete solution.

Devices using the Qi standard, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, are only capable of wireless charging over distances of up to four centimetres (1.6 inches).

According to the latest whispers from Cupertino, Apple has something much more ambitious planned.

Apple has reportedly struck a deal with wireless charging company Energous, which developed a wire-free charging solution dubbed WattUp RF capable of charging devices from up to four metres away (15-feet).



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