Monday 2 January 2017

Here Is The Britain's First 2017 Baby

New Born Baby

UK's first baby of 2017 was born at 00.01 – just one MINUTE into the New Year.

Bharti Devi, 35, gave birth to bouncing baby girl Ellina Kumari just seconds after Big Ben stopped chiming.

The mum-of-two arrived at City Hospital in Birmingham on Saturday and was induced later in the evening.

Baby Ellina, who weighed a healthy 6lb 8oz, is now being looked after by excited midwives alongside her proud parents.

New mum Bharti is hoping to be allowed to go home to Handsworth, West Mids., with her daughter Monday or Tuesday.

New Born Baby

Speaking from her hospital bed, the housewife, who also has a two-year-old son Arriv Kumar with husband Ashwani Kumar, 26, said: “She is doing well and is healthy.

“I was five days overdue so we expected her to be born in 2016 but the longer the labour went on I thought it might go into 2017.

“We didn’t really get the chance to celebrate the new year at midnight because I was just about to give birth.

“It is really exciting to think she is the first baby born in Britain in 2017, it is definitely something special to tell her when she is grown up.”

Sales assistant Ashwani added: “I am an extremely proud dad and Bharti and Ellina both being healthy is the main thing.

"But it is incredible to think she is the first baby of the whole year.

"New Year will be extra special from now on."

New Born Baby

Bharti and baby Ellina were looked after by midwife Jenny Cartwright during the birth and are now being cared for by Zulekha Samsodien.

Zulekha said: "Everything went fine and mum and baby are both doing very well.

"They are staying in for observations but hopefully they will be able to go home soon.

"It is special that she is the first baby of 2017 anywhere in the country, it is something to be proud of.

"We've had a couple of deliveries since as well which is really nice."



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