Thursday 5 January 2017

How To Save 80% Off Your Next Holiday


If there’s one thing people love more than holidays, it’s saving money.

From cheap travel insurance to knowing what day of the week we will get the cheapest flight deal, every penny we save is an extra penny we can spend on holiday.

Travel search engine, Kayak has found a way to combine the two and carried out a study on when is the best time to book in order to save money on their holidays.

The results showed you can save 75% on flights to popular Brit holiday destination Mallorca, Spain when booked two months in advance.

That’s not all. You can save up to 80% of flights to Faro, Portugal if you book roughly one month in advance.

Booking a month in advance works for Tenerife and Rome too as they are 66% cheaper and 61% cheaper respectively.

A bit more forward planning needs to go into destinations like Iceland however, you need to book five months in advance to save 61% on flights - making the average price to Reykjavik just £69.

For longer-haul destinations, the travel site found you should book your flights between two to four months in advance.

Orlando, LA and Bali will be their cheapest two months before departure saving you 41%, 40% and 45% respectively.

However if you’re thinking of heading to New Zealand, it’s best to book seven months in advance to save yourself 58%.


Kayak also found that flying on weekdays are a lot cheaper than flying on weekends and the average best time to book accommodation is two months in advance.

An exception being Venice, where if you book last minute you could save yourself 60%.

Kayak has also revealed the cheapest destinations to fly in 2017.

Within Europe, flights to Madrid topped the list at £66 and Marrakech was the top international destination with an average price of £93.

“The research shows that generally, those who are happy to leave their bookings until later can secure the best deals. Especially on long haul, most Brits tend to plan their holidays well in advance for peace of mind, so if they still have empty seats left a couple of months beforehand, airlines will often begin reducing prices to make sure they get filled,” Kayak’s travel expert, Suzanne Perry said.

“But there are also some real anomalies with some destinations, so signing up to tools like Price Alerts from Kayak can really help travellers get the best deal, no matter where they are travelling.”



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