Tuesday 17 January 2017

Hugh Laurie Tells The BBC Banned Him From Talking To Arms Dealers For The Night Manager

Hugh Laurie

Laurie said BBC executives feared he could be killed or they would be sued if he tried to meet real-life dealers for his role as villain Richard Roper.

The star said that seeing Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman and himself win Globes for the drama was a dream come true, 25 years after he first tried to make the show.

Speaking about the show, Laurie said: “The peculiar thing from my point of view was that I was legally prevented from researching those characters.

“I identified a couple of candidates upon whom I could base the character and I was told that under no circumstances could I talk to them because that would give them license to claim that I had introduced their name in public and they would sue.

“And suing would be the best I could hope for – they might send the boys round.” However he said he thought that real-life Richard Ropers were thankfully rare.

“I believe most people are kind, gentle, considerate, cooperative – unfortunately villainous people by their nature have the power to punch above their weight,” said Laurie.

“An unscrupulous person has the power by dint of their lack of scruple to do a huge amount of damage, nonetheless they are rare.

Generally speaking, people are kind and generous and are getting if anything kinder and more generous as the centuries go by. Bad people are rare. Genuinely villainous people are aberrations and you don’t meet them every day. Psychopaths essentially.

“And when you do meet them obviously a large part of the work is already done for you, because they are inherently interesting.

“A lot of actors would say it is much harder to make the guy in the bank look interesting rather than the guy who is going out committing terrible acts.” Laurie said that the success of the show had been a long time coming.

“The whole damn thing was pretty much a dream come true. Without wanting to get too morbid about it, this was a story I had fallen in love with almost 25 years ago when it was published.

“In fact, I actually tried to option the novel because I thought this has to be on the screen. Twenty years ago I rather arrogantly assumed I would be playing the part that Tom played and then my hair fell out and lots of other things happened and I wound up being the villain.

“But I just always believe the romance of the story was so overwhelming that every moment that I was on set every part of the process of making it was such a thrill to me. It was daunting because it mattered so much to me but it was nonetheless a thrill from beginning to end.”

Laurie won a best supporting actor for a limited series award while Colman won best supporting actress. Hiddleston won the best actor Globe in the same category. On Hiddleston’s victory he added:

“I was hoping to laud it over him as a winner but I am glad he won. He is a wonderful guy and the way he shouldered the leading man burden was astonishing. I am so thrilled for him.”



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