Monday 16 January 2017

Kidnapped Kamiyah Mobley Reunited With Biological Parents After 18 Years

Kamiyah Mobley

Kamiyah Mobley’s family in Florida were “overwhelmed with emotion” after she was found in South Carolina on Friday.

A photo was later released of Kamiyah with her mother Shanara Mobley and father Craig Aiken. Craig, 41, said: “It was the best day of my life. It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

We are so happy. I hope the world is rejoicing with us. “We laughed, we chatted, we didn’t allow any negative thoughts. We didn’t talk about the kidnapping.

“It’s going to be hard for her to turn this into a positive. She’s got very mixed emotions about the woman who raised her.

“But we are going to be there for her, this is just the start of a wonderful future.”

<>Gloria Williams, 51, was arrested and charged with kidnapping and interference and is in custody after police raided her home in Walterboro, South Carolina on Friday.

She is awaiting extradition to Florida to face the charges. She could face a life in jail if convicted.

Kamiyah Mobley

On Friday the teenager wept as she said to Ms Williams through a security door in Colleton County Jail: “I love you mum.”

She later wrote about Ms Williams on Facebook: “My mother raised me with everything I needed and most all everything I wanted. My mother is no felon.”

According to reports, Ms Williams suffered a miscarriage about a week before she drove three hours from South Carolina to Florida and snatched eight-hour-old Kamiyah on July 10 1998.

It is claimed she posed as a health care worker at the University Medical Center, now known as UF Health Jacksonville.

The woman told Kamiyah’s mother, Shanara, the baby had a fever and needed to be checked.

But she vanished with the baby. Jacksonville police said Kamiyah, who grew up with the name Alexis Manigo, believed Ms Williams was her mother.

<>However, Sheriff Mike Williams said: “She had an inclination beginning a couple of months ago she may have been involved in this.”

Police followed tips received by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They then took a DNA test from Kamiyah and compared it to hospital records.



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