Thursday, 12 January 2017

Late-Night London Black Cab Fares To Be Slashed Under New TfL Plan


Transport for London (TfL) has launched a consultation on the proposals which would reduce the higher late night tariff, running from 10pm to 5am, by 26p a mile.

A rate for longer journeys, which is currently imposed after six miles, would only kick in after 12 if the proposals go ahead.

However, the minimum price for a journey would actually increase from £2.60 to £3.

Transport chiefs hope the proposed alterations, which are a long way from being implemented, will actually increase the number of people using black cabs in the capital at night with the lure of a reduced price.

But angry drivers claim the changes will hit them in the back pocket while they are still forced to share the roads with cheaper private hire firms like Uber.

Others hit out on social media at being made to pay the price for the capital’s congestion, calling it a “race to the bottom”.

Cabbie Alan Goudge tweeted: “We can't compete with the likes of Uber on price, our trading models are totally different.

“Reduce our tariffs and the job will become unviable based on current running costs.”

TaxiMash complained: “Our running costs are significantly higher than so called competition, any reduction will impact earnings and or working hours.

“Traffic is the cause of high fares not the meter. TFL are the major cause of congestion would rather see them trimmed back!”

"I think that should be Renamed the Final Nail in the coffin of London’s Taxi Trade,” wrote Uberfail Luddite. “We Shall FIGHT THIS ALL THE WAY!”

Other proposed changes include ramping up the soiling charge – where people vomit or cause a mess in the back of taxis – from £40 to £60.

A door would also be left open for future fixed or capped fares from Heathrow to central London.

The proposed changes are based on a review ordered by the TfL board last February to see if taxi fares were viewed as too high by the travelling public.

Helen Chapman, TfL’s General Manager for Taxi and Private Hire, said: “Our annual public consultation on taxi fares is underway.

"This consultation aims to strike a balance between meeting the increased costs faced by taxi drivers while ensuring services remain competitively priced and attractive to customers.”

Research cited by TfL from 2015 showed 61 per cent of people surveyed thought black cabs were took pricey.

The consultation, available online, is open to the public for response until February 19



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