Thursday 12 January 2017

Major Online Banking Went Down


Thousands of Lloyds, Halifax and TSB customers appear unable to access their online accounts after a major outage.

Website monitoring service, Down Detector is showing outages across the UK with all banks suffering issues.

Twitter is also full of customers complaining of problems with the popular banking websites.

One customer said: "I am unable to access my Lloyds account via app or online. Is there a problem??"

Lloyds has confirmed the issues in Tweet, stating: "Hi, I'm GW. Apologies for the inconvenience. We're working to resolve these intermittent issues as quickly as possible."

The problems appear to have started around 10am with thousands of reports across the UK.

All three sites still appear to be having issues with Halifax users confronted with a server issue when attempting to log onto the website.

It's currently unclear if the banking apps are also affected.

UPDATE: Lloyds, TSB and Halifax websites all appeared to come back online but have now hit trouble again.

Halifax has warned customers: "Due to a technical issue, we're struggling to respond to customer queries. Sorry for any inconvenience, we'll get back as soon as we can"



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