Wednesday 25 January 2017

Man buys Windows 98-Era Laptop For £4 And Discovers It Has A Star Trek-Inspired Interface

Windows 98

A man could hardly believe his luck when he discovered a treasure trove of classic games and glossary of Australian slang on a bargain $5 laptop.

The buyer wasn’t even expecting the IBM Thinkpad 365XD, originally launched in 1996, to still be working after buying it online.

The man, who goes by the name chrisman01 , shared the remarkable purchase on Imgur

Instead he found after loading the machine it boasted Windows 98 and featured an incredible Star Trek-inspired user interface called LCARS.

Mirror Online reports the interface had no mouse support, meaning he had to navigate using the F1-F12 and number keys.

Bought an old laptop for $5, was not expecting it to work, much less have this weird theme

And the unexpected gem included Windows 98 and DOS Freeware in the shape of classic games like PacMan, Tetris, Solitaire, Chess and Crossword.

The buyer’s delight grew when he unearthed its bizarre glossary of Australian slang, featuring gems like “Amber fluid: beer”, “Ankle biter: small child” and “B*stard: term of endearment”.

The machine also threw up unexpectedly a solar system game.



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