Saturday 14 January 2017

Mum Finds Green Mould In Her 18-Month-Old Son's Juice Bought At Greggs


A Greggs outlet has served an 18-month-old boy a bottle of juice with green mould inside.

Autumn Long, 20, was refunded the £1 she paid at the bakery in Gallagher Retail Park, Cheltenham on Tuesday – but said her son is lucky to avoid any serious side effects.

She said: "We sat inside the shop and he ate a sandwich and had that bottle. We left completely unaware.

"It was less than an hour later that I had opened the bottle to refill it with some of our own juice – and after opening it that's when I realised.


"I completely freaked out but went back into the store and straight away asked for the manager."

Autumn, from Tewkesbury, said she warned the manager to check other bottles adding that "it was traumatising" for her son to drink it, Gloucestershire Live reports.

Greggs said it would investigate her claims.

After photographs of the contaminated bottle were posted on social media, many expressed shock and disgust.

One woman said she no longer buys fizzy drinks unless they are in a clear bottle and claimed she encountered a similar problem after purchasing juice from Aldi.


Another said: "Wow that's disgusting I hope your little boy is okay. Thank you for sharing –my daughter loved these I will be sure to check in future."

A Greggs spokesman said: "Greggs takes all matters to do with food safety very seriously and are investigating this matter.

"Our Customer Service team have been in regular contact with the customer and are keeping her updated."



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