Sunday 8 January 2017

NHS Not In 'Humanitarian Crisis' According To Theresa May


Theresa May has rejected claims from the Red Cross that there is a "humanitarian crisis" in the NHS.

The prime minister acknowledged there were "huge pressures" on the health service and said No 10 had provided the funding requested.

Mrs May told Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme that funding was "now at record levels for the NHS".

Labour has called on the PM to appear at the Commons on Monday to discuss the "crisis" in social care and hospitals.

'Ducked by government'

Mrs May said the health service was facing problems with an ageing population and that was why it was important a plan was put in place.

She told Sky News: "We have taken some immediate steps in relation to that issue but we are also looking to ensure best practice in the NHS and looking for a long-term solution."

She said it was a problem that had been "ducked by government over the years".

Mrs May did not confirm she would discuss the NHS on Monday but said she would be targeting the "huge stigma" attached to mental health in the UK.

"In the workplace, if you break your arm, and you go in with your arm in plaster or in a sling, people come up and talk to you about it.

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"If you have a mental health problem, people are more likely to try to avoid you," she said.

The PM said work had already been done and said more money was going in to the NHS but Monday's talks would set out more areas to work on.

Working to fix the issues within the NHS, including mental health was "not a five-minute job," she said.

An extra £1bn is going into mental health within the NHS but Mrs May said it was "always wrong to assume the only answer is about funding".



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