Sunday 8 January 2017

Scientists Reveal Cough Syrups Bought From The Chemists Are Unworthy And Have Virtually No Effect


New evidence shows that pharmacy syrups work little more than a placebo – and that boiled sweets have the same effect.

Researchers now say the best they can offer is a good night’s sleep, the Daily Mail reports.

The American Chemical Society said only cough drops were proven to work, although boiled sweets have the same results.

The study found that in 15 of 19 cases cough medicines either had no benefit or the results were conflicting.

The cough, cold and sore throat medicines market in Britain is worth more than £400 million a year.

Honey and lemon are said to help children with a cough – but should only be given over the age of one.

The researchers said: “There is very little evidence that cough syrup is effective at treating coughs and carefully proofed clinical trials show that these medications are generally no better than placebo.”

John Smith, chief executive of the Proprietary Association of Great Britain, which represents over-the-counter medicine manufacturers, told the Daily Mail: “It’s important to remember that cough medicines will not ‘cure’ a cough.

“If used in accordance with the instructions … then cough medicines are a safe way to help relieve the symptoms of a cough.”



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