Tuesday 24 January 2017

Surface Pro 5 - Upcoming Feature All You Need To Know

Surface Pro 5

2017 could be a big year for Microsoft, with the company apparently hard at work on the new Surface Pro 5 PC.

Reports have suggested that the Surface Pro 5 will be one of Microsoft's most advanced devices to date, offering super fast power and longevity along with excellent portability.

Now, with the release date expected to be just months away, more rumours are claiming to reveal further details about Microsoft's next major release.

What are we expecting to see in the Surface Pro 5?

The preceding Surface Pro device won praise for their bright and vibrant display, along with a compact build and design that allowed the device to be easily packed up and carried around.

Reports have claimed that the Surface Pro 5 will upgrade the screen seen on previous devices, allowing for 4K UltraHD resolution, meaning you can watch videos and play games in greater detail.

The device will most likely keep the 12.3in size seen it is predecessor in order to be portable, with a lightweight aluminium body protecting what's inside.

As you would hope from a next-generation device, it seems that the Surface Pro 5 will also come packing some seriously powerful hardware.

The brains of the device will most likely be provided by Intel, which launched its latest Kaby Lake family of processors late last year. This would put the Surface Pro 5 far and away ahead of competitors such as the iPad Pro, providing incredibly fast performance and efficiency.

Surface Pro 5

This latter point could prove crucial, as Microsoft came in for serious criticism for the battery life of its hardware devices, particularly the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

A bigger and more efficient battery would certainly look to address this, and also provide all-day juice to ensure the Surface Pro 5 is a flexible working dream.

Elsewhere, a separate report has claimed that Microsoft may be working on a separate version of the Surface Pro 5 that would allow it to connect to mobile devices.

This would help fix one of the biggest issues with the initial Surface Pro devices, allowing for tethering and hot-spot connectivity with mobile devices to ensure the user is always online.

We're also expecting around 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM, as well as a smarter version of the Surface Pen stylus which should feature wireless charging.

So when might we see the Surface Pro 5?

The device's predecessor was launch back in October 2015, meaning it is ripe for an upgrade, especially if Microsoft is keen to show off the power of its Windows 10 software.

The device has initially been expected to launch back in October 2016, when Microsoft instead revealed an upgraded Surface Book laptop and the Surface Studio design PC.

However the company also unveiled details of its next great software upgrade - Windows 10 Creators Update, which offers a wide range of improvements and new features.

With this launch now thought to be scheduled for April, it makes sense that this could now be the next possible launch date for the Surface Pro 5.



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