Sunday 22 January 2017

The Fascinating Way Blind People Enjoy Pornography


While you would think pornography is something you very much enjoy with your eyes, there have been developments in recent years so not to exclude blind people.

Last year, Pornhub introduced their “described videos” for their visually impaired users. The videos feature guest voices who narrate what is happening in their most popular videos. The video sharing site initially released 50 narrated videos and later extended it to add more.

While audio porn has been around for longer, on the main porn sites visually impaired people just had to listen to the sounds without properly knowing or understanding what was going on in the scene.

One 41-year-old man, who has been blind since the age of 17, told Esquire the new descriptions make the videos “much more vivid [and] much more real”.

Another 34-year-old man from Australia who has been blind since the age of three told the magazine he sometimes initially listens to the video with the narrative and then will find the same video in its version so he can focus on the sounds in the video without the voiceover drowning it out.

“Once I know what’s going on in the scene, I don’t need the description,” he said.

All the men interviewed by the magazine said they hoped more narrated videos would be added to the site soon.



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