Friday 20 January 2017

The Main Cause Of Belly Fat


Chips is as dangerous as drugs, because it can cause a feeling of addiction.

According to the last research, one third of the British and American children, eat chips every day, and according to several calculations, one person eats 100 bags of chips per year, but experts warn us that only one package of chips can have the same effect like drinking five liters of cooking oil does.

Michael Moss, author of the book “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us”, explained that the chips is “designed” to cause addiction. ”The mechanism” of the potato chips is “the taste it leaves in the mouth”, as the manufacturers say, and can be compared with the feeling you get while eating some melted cheese.

A sufficient amount of fat is necessary, so the chips can start acting and stimulating “the center” located behind the mouth, which sends signals to the brain. Brain instinctively needs salty, greasy and sweet food, so the taste of potato chips makes people eat more.

Even the shops offer various “tastes” and chips labeled as “premium”, with less fat or more natural ingredients are as dangerous as “regular” chips.

“It is good to eat chips twice a month, in small portions”, explained Michael Moss, adding that eating chips during pregnancy is as dangerous as smoking.



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