Sunday 8 January 2017

These London Boroughs Has The Poor Food Hygiene Record


London’s boroughs are some of the worst areas for food hygiene in restaurants, a new study has revealed.

North London boroughs like Harrow, Brent and Enfield are among the worst-ranking council districts in the UK, having some of the highest percentages of restaurants and cafes with low ratings.

The study, by Love My Vouchers, ranked 360 council areas in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with Newham, another London borough, having 29.2 per cent of restaurants rated zero, one or two.

Scores are given by investigators from the Food Standards Agency from zero (urgent improvement needed) to five (very good) and can have a significant effect on a restaurant’s business.

Harrow was third-worst on the list with 26.2 per cent of restaurants being low-rated as well as having one of the lowest counts for high-rated restaurants.

Director of Love My Vouchers Linda Firth said: “We conducted this study to raise awareness about food hygiene standards and encourage businesses to improve where necessary.

“When people only have a limited budget for eating out, they want to be sure they are spending their money wisely in restaurants and cafes who care about food safety.”



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