Friday 6 January 2017

Toyota’s Concept-i Driverless Car Lets You Steer It Like You’re Playing A Video Game


Toyota has unveiled its driverless car at CES 2017 – and it’s tipped to become the hottest set of wheels for 2030, according to the Japanese carmaker.

Resembling a juiced up Nike trainer, the concept was unveiled without a hitch on Wednesday evening in the annual tech conference in Las Vegas.


It met a better fate than Faraday Future’s self-parking car, which went haywire as millions watched on.

Not only is the Concept-i remarkable for its quirky design.

Its interiors are something to behold, too.

Despite the driverless function, it comes with a prominent steering wheel front and centre.


It looks exactly like a gaming controller and is meant to feel that way too, claim Toyota, who say they are "bringing fun back to driving".

And when you’re sick of manoeuvring yourself, you can stick it in chauffeur mode.


It comes with a Siri-type AI assistant called Yui and Toyota say that the more you drive the smarter it becomes.

Toyota have only created a proof of concept for now, but the car will soon be a reality, they claim.

It will make its way onto roads in Japan first for a few years of evaluation before entering the worldwide market – if at all.



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