Tuesday 17 January 2017

Woman Spits On Passengers Inside The London Tube


The video, which was taken by a commuter, appears to show a woman shouting at commuters and allegedly spitting as she travelled northbound on the Northern Line service from Waterloo.

In the footage a female passenger can be heard telling her: “You’re frightening children, shut it.”

The woman, who was shouting that she did not like London, replies saying: “You shut it”

The women then start throwing newspaper pages at each other before a male passenger tries to break up the altercation.

The women continue to argue as the train pulls into Leicester Square station. As the train slows down the female passenger can be heard saying: “Shut your dirty mouth.”

To which the woman replies: “You’re a dirty woman.”

After stopping at the platform the driver opens her door.

A male passenger then informs her that the woman has been “spitting at people” and asks the driver to “get her off the train.”


The driver warns the woman that if she doesn’t stop spitting at people she will have to be escorted off the train.

She says: “Excuse me madam this is the driver speaking, excuse me madam, this has to stop now if I get any further complaints I’ll have to call for assistance and get you off the train.

“You cannot spit at other people while they’re travelling.”

The woman then appears to stop and the driver closes her door.

But moments later the video starts again and the woman can be heard shouting in the background.

The driver returns to the carriage and tells the woman that she has been “quarrelling since Waterloo” and asks her to leave.

The driver says: “Do you want us to get the police? We can get the police madam.”

She asks the woman to get off the train and get another one when she is “calmer”.

The woman is then escorted off the service by two other train guards who board the carriage.

The video was posted on YouTube by Bleep Bop who wrote in the caption: “You can’t see it very well here but she was spitting on the people she was shouting at also.

“Apparently she doesn’t like London. She left after the driver threatened police action.”



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