Sunday, 26 February 2017

Barclays Apologises For Cash Machine And Debit Card Faults


Some customers reported being unable to withdraw money from cash machines or use cards in shops. Online and telephone banking, and in-branch payments were also affected.

Customers were still reporting problems on Saturday evening.

However, Barclays said there had been issues with "some digital services" but that the cause had been fixed.

The BBC reports the fix is being staggered across bank's systems resulting in a delay before some customers get all their services reinstated.

It is not yet known how many of Barclays' 15 million card customers have been hit by the problems.

The bank said not all customers were affected but that issues had been reported across the UK.

The bank had earlier advised customers to use other banks' cash machines.

Several Barclays customers contacted the BBC to say they were experiencing problems.

In a tweet at 16:09, the bank said: "We're still experiencing issues affecting Barclays Debit Card and ATM transactions. Our teams are working to get this restored."

Barclays added: "Technical issues are affecting some digital services. We're investigating this and apologise for any inconvenience."



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