Sunday, 26 February 2017

How To Build Your Muscles More Stronger - By Doing This Two Minutes Exercise


How can you build muscle fast? This is the eternal question asked by men and women looking to bulk up.

While lifting weights and filling your diet with protein is a tried and tested method, a new study revealed there could be an even easier way to build muscle faster.

Supersets have become the go-to for the weight-lifting crowd.

The superset involves a short rest time while keeping your heart rate sky-high. This will leave your muscles fatigued and your metabolism running on high for the rest of the day.

However, a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine suggested a longer rest time could actually help you build more muscle.

The study put two groups of weightlifters on the same eight-week programme.

This programme had one vital difference between the two groups – their rest time between sets.

One of the groups relaxed for 60 seconds after each move while the other group took two to four minutes.

Exercise scientist and study author Brad Schoenfield found those who had the longer rest time saw a significant increase in muscular strength.

In fact, the group who took the longer rest showed an improvement one and half times that of the group who rested for a minute.

While supersets will still help with fat loss and fitness, taking longer breaks between sets will get you your desired muscle definition faster.



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