Friday 24 February 2017

Motorists With Penalties Are Still On The Road


A man with 62 points on his licence is still on the roads driving legally, it has been reported.

The motorist, from West Yorkshire, was last given points for a speeding offence.

But he kept his licence and is still able to drive, according to the BBC.

Normally, reaching 12 points leads to an automatic ban.

But magistrates have the power to give drivers a reprieve in "exceptional circumstances".

A Freedom of Information request by BBC South East revealed there are around 10,000 motorists on Britain's roads who have 12 points or more on their licence.

The majority have between 12 and 18 points, but 203 have more.

In Essex a driver has 42 points, in Oxfordshire 51 and in Norfolk 39.

David Nichols, of road safety charity Brake, said the figures were "absolutely shocking".

He said: "The penalty points system is supposed to be in place to protect the public from dangerous repeat offenders and it's appalling that these risky repeat offenders are allowed to keep driving."



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