Friday, 24 February 2017

New Bugs Affected Google Pixel, Pixel XL Phones


Google’s Pixel series devices are plagued with issues again. The devices have sold in large numbers since they bring along new features such as Google Assistant and Daydream VR compatibility, yet seem to continually face issues.

A new bug has emerged on the devices, which turns off Bluetooth without the user giving the device any command to do so. Users have reported the issue on both Reddit and the Google Pixel Community support site, stating that their Bluetooth was toggling off without them touching a button on the device. Even if the user turns on Bluetooth once it is turned off due to the bug the problems seems to re-emerge. User on the forums said they have tried switching the device off and on and looking for software, but it hasn’t made any difference and they seem to be continually facing the problem.

The issue can cause significant inconvenience to users especially if they are connected to a Bluetooth headset while taking a call or listening to music.

“I'm so used to calling someone and then talking into my Bluetooth only to realize they pick up while the radio is still playing and then I have to bumble around futzing on my phone to turn BT back on. Super annoying,” a user named bassment_dweller said on the Reddit thread.

The problem seems to have emerged after Google issued its February security patch for the devices. It might take time for Google to acknowledge the issue. Once the issue is acknowledged on its Pixel community support site, the fix can be expected soon.

The HTC-made devices have been plagued with issues. In the past, there has been a static distortion issue reported by users and eventually the company had to admit the problem was caused by a hardware defect and offered warranty replacement for users whose problems were not resolved by a software update. Some devices were also shutting down as soon as the battery showed 30 percent charge remaining. Google was still working to fix the issue.



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