Sunday, 26 February 2017

Quality Reasons Why You're Not Getting The Cheapest Flights


If you have that friend who’s always jetting off to a new and exciting place every few weeks, how they afford to has probably crossed your mind once or twice.

You’ve seen their walk up studio apartment in Tooting and know this isn’t the case – so how do they do it?

Chances are, they’re probably a cheap flight booker extraordinaire. They know the best months to book their holidays if they want a bargain, loopholes they can use to save money on flights and what day of the week to book their flight on to save the most cash.

Here are five ways you can too:

1. Be flexible

If you have a little wiggle room when it comes to the dates you can book your flights, use it. More often than not the cheapest flights will be on weekdays, so play around with the flight dates to see when will give you the cheapest options.

2. Use a travel booking site to see when is cheapest to go

Travel booking site, Kayak have an option on their site called "Explore". This will become your best friend. You can pop in where you are flying from, hit "anytime" and it will show you the cheapest flights you can find. You can also change the budget and travel time.

3. Clear your cookies

While this is still a bit of an urban legend among flight bookers, there have been numerous accounts of people who said they went to book a flight they had previously been looking at half an hour ago and the price had gone up, all because your computer memory knew you were looking at flights.

Patrick Collinson wrote for The Guardian regarding his experience with cookies. He said he was looking at a flight to Ireland for the weekend which came to £187. He looked around a few sites before coming back to make the booking and the price had jumped to £212.

After he deleted his cookies and cleared his browsing history, the flight went back down to £187. Clear your cookies.

4. Set up a price alert

Travel booking sites will also let you set up a price alert so you don’t have to spend your valuable time hunting for the best deals.

They will simply send you a notification when the flights get cheaper. Easy.

5. Use a price forecast tool

One of the trickiest things about booking a flight is when to do it. You never know when the best deals will pop up and will kick yourself if they do the day after you’ve booked.

But, by using a price forecast tool, they use historical data to make predictions on whether or not the price will go up or down in the next seven days. They also suggest wether or not to book your flight now or wait until the prices drop.



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