Friday, 24 February 2017

Seven Foods That Will Prevent You From Being Bald


Recently, a study came out that revealed the number one concern men had about ageing.

And no, it wasn’t impotence.

It was hair loss.

UK-based HIS Hair Clinic asked 2,000 men about what they feared the most when it came to ageing.

An impressive 94% of men said balding was their number one worry, followed by impotence, going grey, gaining weight, losing teeth, needing glasses and going deaf.

The worry isn’t without reason. An estimated 80 million American men experience baldness as they age among other hair loss conditions.

However, all is not lost. Research has shown it’s possible to thicken hair naturally, through dietary changes.

"One of the most common causes of hair loss is having Ferritin deficiency. To help improve and maintain ferritin levels, eat a diet containing iron-rich foods."

You can find the best foods for hair growth below:

1. Red meat

"Ferritin (a stored iron) is needed by the body to produce hair cell protein. Ferritin deficiency commonly causes increased hair fall and a shortening of the anagen (growth phase) of the hair growth cycle," Anabel said.

"This means hair may not be able to grow as long as it is capable of. If you eat red meat, try to do so two times a week."

2. Foods high in protein

"Hair is made of protein, perhaps making this the most essential nutrient for hair growth. At our Clinics in London and New York we have found that eating at least a 120g portion of a first class protein (one that contains all essential amino acids) at breakfast and lunch is ideal," Anabel explained.

"Examples are fish, eggs, lean meat, poultry and low-fat cottage cheese. For vegetarians/vegans, tofu, quinoa and nuts are good options."

3. Honey

When a honey solution of 90% honey and 10% water was applied to patients heads during a study every day for four weeks, they reported a decrease in hair loss.

4. Seaweed <>A study which gave men a supplement that contained seaweed found a 13% increase in hair volume and a 27% increase in hair thickness after 16 weeks.

5. Coconut, rosemary and pumpkin oil

A study gave men with hair loss 400 mg a day of pumpkin seed oil and 40 other men a placebo. The men that took the pumpkin seed oil experienced a 40% rate in hair growth.

Coconut oil, as a grooming product can also protect from hair loss, and massaging rosemary oil into your scalp and increase hair growth.

6. Oysters

Oysters – which are a natural aphrodisiac – contain high levels of zinc, a nutrient that can help prevent hair loss.

One study compared zinc levels of 50 peoples with hair loss due to the condition alopecia areata to 50 people without the condition. They found the people with alopecia had significantly lower levels of zinc.

7. Complex carbohydrates

"Complex carbohydrates provide you with slow-release energy. Being the second fastest growing cells the body produces, hair cells need a consistent energy supply," Anabel added.

"Due to the unique nutritional requirements of the hair, it may be difficult to meet its needs through diet alone. It can therefore be useful to take a daily nutritional supplement. Choose one formulated for the specific needs of hair cells, such as our Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex (£45)."



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