Tuesday 28 February 2017

Why You Should Always Take A Tennis Ball On Your Flight

Tennis Ball

When you think of travel essentials, tennis balls probably aren't the first thing that come to mind.

Instead, you think of a book, phone, bottle of water, earphones and an extra layer to help combat the plane’s arctic-level air conditioning.

Yet, a tennis ball be should in the mix too – even if you're not planning on playing a match at your destination.

Long-haul flights can cause many discomforts – your feet swell, you get bloated and gassy, it can also cause constipation and be unforgiving on your skin.

Longer flights also cause tight muscles and pain, which is where the tennis balls come in handy.

Instead of disturbing your seat mate by massaging your feet with your hands, use the tennis balls to massage the areas of your body that become the most uncomfortable during the flight.

These include the soles of your feet, small of your back and various other trigger points across your body.

All you need to do is apply the tennis ball to the area that feels sore or tense. Add pressure until you feel pain of the good kind.

Relax into the pressure so your knots and tight areas release and soften. Make sure to stretch it out afterwards and take a walk around the cabin every so often.

“Self-massage with tennis balls is greatly enhanced by stretching, which further increases circulation and reeducates the muscles to rest at a longer length,” massage therapist Nema Nyar said.

“The pressure may be painful, but if it feels like good pain and you can relax in it, stay there for a few breaths.”

You may as well chuck a racket into your checked luggage while you’re at it.



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