Tuesday 21 March 2017

Aldi Customers Urged To Staying Away From Fake £65 Vouchers


Aldi has warned about a fake voucher scam which has duped shoppers into thinking they can save money.

Hoax vouchers have been shared on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, purporting to offer £65 worth of goods at the store.

However, the Midland supermarket giant revealed has been the subject of a scam – and the vouchers are worthless.

It said it was investigating the scam, which ends up in people being asked for their personal details on a website which has nothing to do with Aldi.

It said on Twitter: “We are aware that there is a hoax £65 Aldi voucher being circulated. This voucher is fraudulent and cannot be redeemed in store.


“Aldi UK will never ask you to share your personal details via a website to redeem a genuine voucher offer. This is being investigated.”

It isn’t the first time a scam like this has been identified using the Aldi brand.



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