Thursday, 16 March 2017

Are Women Really Likely To Be More Stressful Than Men?


Females are likely to be 13 per cent more anxious over the prospect of moving into a larger house than their male counterparts, a new report from the Physiological Society showed.

And women are 24 per cent more likely to be stressed out by the thought of a terrorist attack, and nine per cent more anxious about contracting a serious illness, according to a YouGov survey of 2,078 people.

However, when it came to childbirth both genders appeared to be equally nervous.

According to studies, women’s high stress levels could lead to long term health problems.

The British equivalent of an American psychiatric test aimed at measuring the impact of stressful life event on a person’s health marks issues out of 100.

A promotion at work comes in lowest on the scale (38/100), followed by items such as Brexit (42/100), wedding planning (65/100), serious illness (85/100) and the death of a romantic partner (94/100).

Anyone who scored more than 100 in a year faced the biggest risk of stress induced health problems.

Lucy Donaldson, head of the Physiological Society's policy committee, said: "It was striking that for every single event in this study, from money problems to Brexit, women reported greater stress levels than men.

“This could have a real impact on women's health."



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