Tuesday 14 March 2017

Artificial Island To Be Built Off Coast Of Britain To Power Europe


Hosting a network of wind turbines and solar panels, it will act as a energy hub serving six countries - Britain, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Belgium.

Proposed by a consortium of energy companies from The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, the £1.1 billion project is expected to be rubber-stamped by Brussels on March 23 after already being backed by EU chiefs.

The 25 square mile island would house a small workforce and feature roads, workshops, trees, and an artificial lake with a beach.

Alongside the 7,000 or so wind turbines would be an airport, a sea port capable to accommodating tankers, a control tower and terminal.

Energinet, a Danish state-owned energy grid operator, said they hoped the hubs would be up and running by 2050.


Torben Glar Nielsen, Energinet technical director, said: “Maybe it sounds a bit crazy and science fiction-like but an Island on Dogger Bank could make the wind power of the future a lot cheaper and more effective.”

Situated 62 miles off the coast of Hull on Dogger Bank, the location is thought to keep costs low as it is relatively shallow with depths varying from 15 to 36 metres.

Once fully functional the island would provide power for more than 80 million people and has been designed as part of plans to meet European targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Energinet said: “Wind and solar energy complement each other: there is more sun from spring to autumn, and more wind in the colder and darker months of the year.

“So a sustainable and stable energy system for the future will need solar and wind energy, both on a large scale.

“This requires optimum cooperation and synergy because it cannot be accomplished by individual member states alone.”

Dogger Bank provided an ideal location as it had optimal wind conditions, it centrally located and is in shallow waters, they said.

They added: “Staff, components and assembly workshops can be stationed on the island, thus optimising and simplifying complex offshore logistics.”

The firm behind the North Sea Wind Power Hub are expected to sign a deal on March 23 in the presence of European Energy Union Commissioner, Maos Sefcovic.



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